Board Members & Volunteers


UCI Board of Directors and liaison roles
  • Jason Dowell – Co-President, Nautical
  • Kevin Stone – Co-President, Scenic and Beach
  • Mike Slavin – Equestrian, Barn Recreation Rooms
  • Mike Murphy – Security, Pool
  • Vincent Hardick – Beach, Ball Field
  • Irene Godoy – Membership, Social
Executive Vice President Vacant
Secretary Colleen Ireland
Treasurer Renee Kelly

Ball Field Bob Svehlak
Barn Recreation Rooms
Manager: Lynne Andrews
Maintenance: Brian Poole
Beach & Shore
Reservations: Ginny Vernick
Maintenance: Pat Shay
Beach Camp: Lisa Gattie
Capital Improvements George Collis
Equestrian Suzanne Vaaler
Nautical Bill Zichos
Scenic Control Eva Moore
Beautification Michelle Mahan
Security Al Homans
Social - Senior Activities B. Myers / N. Kennerly
Social - Adult/Family Events
Mothers Day Brunch: George/Shepard
July 4th Parade & Picnic: Vacant
Dock Party: Nautical Department
Fishing Tournament: Mike Sawyer
Ladies Wine & Cheese: Stacy Glubke
Guy's Beer & Brats: Scott Glubke
New Year's Eve Party: Vacant
Fall Camp-out: Grigon/Hays
Wings, Chili, Homebrew: Suzy Sundius
Social - Children:
Weekly Playgroup: Mahan/Cukor
Spring Party: Tracy Seybert
Autumn Party: Beth Rue
Christmas: Kathy Vavrina
Department Head: Kaye Richards
Maintenance: Mark Overton
Membership Kathy Pruissen / Renee Kardash
Bumper Stickers: Lynne Andrews
Welcoming: Sherry Sherwood, Mary Jo Powers, Gillian Duvall, Ann Albrecht, Rina Dowell
Webmaster: EG Gipple
Community E-mails Annoucements: Meaghan Rosso
Weathervane Editor: Stephanie Collier
Weathervane Distribution: Mike Allen (manager), August, Daly, Davis, Deller, Saline, Fierstein, Wentworth, Konrad, Kardash, Cooley, McCoun, Blumberg, Weiss, Root


President Brad Snodgrass
Vice President Sharmen Devaney
Secretary Hannah Goldstein
Membership Lisa Gattie
Treasurer Julie Parks
UCI Board Liaison Mike Murphy
Maintenance Scott Glubke
Social Ann Harrison
Member-at-Large Nicole Roberts
Swim Team Liaisons Suzanne Vaaler & Jenne Dunne

Director Suzanne Vaaler
Merchandise Susie Smargissi
Concessions Katy Kelley
GASL League Rep Jerilyn Deitch
Meet Manager(IT) Liz Norton
Treasurer Rob Wallace
Team Webmaster Hannah Goldstein
Volunteer Coordinators J. Grignon / C. Sawyer
Head Coach Colleen Winans
Assistant Coach Matt Swensen
Special Events Harrison / Woltersdorf

Boy Scouts Troop 835
Scoutmaster: Mike Allen