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  1. Ulmstead Beach may be reserved by any UCI member in good standing.
  2. Groups of more than 20 people must reserve a date and time for their events at the beach in advance. This helps avoid the problem of one group arriving at the beach and finding that another large group has already arrived and taken most of the tables.
  3. A reservation form which gives the reserving UCI members' insurance information and releases UCI from liability must be signed and returned to the Beach Reservations Manager at least 24 hours before the date of the event. There is a separate form for company events which requires a certificate of insurance.
  4. The reserving UCI member must be in attendance during his/her event at the beach. Parents are expected to chaperone children's and teens parties and be responsible for any damage which occurs. Underage drinking is prohibited.
  5. All tables and grills must be left clean. Trash cans should be emptied into the dumpster...we don't have a clean-up committee so we depend on you.
  6. If your party has music, remember that there are families with young children living nearby. Please keep the volume reasonable.
  7. Plan to wrap up your event by 9:00 p.m. The gates to the park are locked after 9:00 p.m.
  8. There is no diving allowed from the bulkhead area, the rocks or the steps leading down to the sandy beach. The water is extremely shallow.
  9. Recreation equipment is available, free of charge, to any UCI member reserving the beach. Pick up from the home of the Reservations Manager (Ginny Vernick - 410-757-9161)
  10. Group events are limited to 75 people but parking is limited. Please be careful not to block resident driveways if you park on the street.

Reservations are taken merely as a courtesy to the community in order to help members plan their events with the knowledge of how crowded the beach may be on any given day. UCI members are always welcome at any time during beach hours regardless of private events or reservations.