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UCI Nautical Department General Rules 2018


1.     ELIGIBILITY - To be eligible to select/use a slip at a UCI facility one must:







A)    RESIDENCY - Mere ownership interest in a residence is not sufficient to be eligible to select/use a slip. The boat owner and principal operator must physically reside (i.e. live, eat, sleep, etc.) in Ulmstead Estates to be eligible to select/occupy a slip.


B)     UCI MEMBERSHIP – In order to be eligible to select a slip all outstanding UCI dues and assessments must be paid in full.


C)    NAUTICAL DEPARTMENT MEMBERSHIP - In order to be a Nautical Department member, one must be a UCI member in good standing and must also be on the Slip Selection Priority List. In the event a Class III member chooses to forgo their UCI membership (not paying UCI dues/assessments), they lose their right to be maintained on the Class III priority list and therefore are no longer Nautical Department members. Should they choose at some future date to re-join UCI and the Nautical Department, they will be treated as NEW MEMBERS and will go to the bottom of the Slip Selection Priority List.


D)   DEMONSTRATE OWNERSHIP - Demonstrate at slip selection that the member selecting a slip is the owner of the boat (Sales Agreement, Boat Insurance Policy, Title, Documentation, or Lease Agreement from a recognized financial institution). Note: Boat registrations will not be considered as sufficient proof of ownership as they do not indicate all the names of the owners of a given boat. A different boat may be substituted for the use of a previously assigned slip provided that the same member (s) own the boat and that proof of ownership as defined above is provided. The only exception to the ‘Proof-of-Ownership’ requirements is for small boats (canoes, dinghies, small sailboats, etc.), which do not require state registration.


E)     MULTIPLE OWNERS - PARTNERSHIPS. -  In order to select a slip, all owners/partners of the vessel must be Nautical Department members. The Nautical Department member selecting the slip must demonstrate that he or she holds at least 50% interest in said vessel (cancelled checks, notarized sales or lease agreement, etc.).  This is to prevent a Nautical Department member with a low priority number, from assigning a token interest to another member with a higher priority number and having that member select a slip for them. All boats with multiple owners must be approved in advance by the UCI Nautical Department Manager. To obtain approval, members must submit to the Nautical Department Manager, at least two weeks prior to slip selection, a letter or email describing the nature of the partnership, names of partners, and a copy of the boats title or documentation.  Additionally, the principal operator of all boats, including those with multiple owners, must be the Nautical Department member selecting the slip.


F)    NEW BOATS - Members who have not yet taken possession of a boat or who are planning to acquire one during the season may select a slip provided they obtain prior approval from the Nautical Department Manager. Ownership requirements for new boats are identical to those described above in paragraph d.


G)   SLIP SELECTION BY PROXY -  A slip selection can be made by proxy by a UCI member in good standing. The proxy    must be in writing and all other slip selection requirements must be met.


H)    PAY USERS FEE All slip use fees and surcharges must be paid in full at slip selection.


2.     SLIP USE RESTRICTIONS – Slip use is subject to the following restrictions:


·         TRANSFERABILTY - Slips are for the exclusive recreational use by members selecting slips. Any slip assigned at slip selection day cannot be reassigned by the selecting member to another member or non-member. The one exception to this is: A Class II user, whose rights are transferable, may transfer the use of his/her slip for the remainder of the season to a new owner provided the new owner:

         Becomes a member of UCI and the Nautical Department,

          Meets the ownership obligations described above


·         NO COMMERCIAL USE - Slips are for recreational use by members only. Commercial use (Chartering) of boats is expressly prohibited by UCI Bylaws (Article V, paragraph 8f).


·         SIZE RESTRICTIONS -  Size restrictions on selecting a slip have been eliminated but common sense still prevails. Boats should not protrude into another slip. Docked boats should not pose a hazard to other boats entering or leaving their slips. If a member's slip selection does cause his vessel to become a hazard to navigation in or around the marina the Nautical Department may require the vessel to be moved to another slip. Generally, boats extending several feet beyond the outer pilings do not pose a significant hazard. Any questions concerning this should be addressed to the Nautical Department before selecting a slip.


·         DOCK 3 RESTRICTIONS - Under the terms negotiated with the developer of the Lynch property and Mr. Garret Lynch, UCI obtained ownership of the small dock (Lynch Point Dock) and sand spit located at the entrance to Forked Creek. Included in these agreements is the provision that each year Mr. Garret Lynch has first right of refusal to select either slip at this dock. Should he choose to not exercise this right, both slips will be available for selection by Nautical Department members.


·         DISPLAY VALID REGISTRATION - All boats occupying slips at UCI Nautical facilities must display valid State Registration stickers (Maryland, or other). Such valid registration must be displayed by June 1st of each year. Boat owners failing to display valid registration will be denied use of the nautical facilities and where applicable may be given a pro-rated refund of the slip fees. Federally documented vessels and small boats (canoes, dinghies, etc.) not requiring State Registration are exempt from this requirement


·         BOAT OWNER’S INSURANCE – All boats occupying slips at UCI Nautical facilities must be insured by their Nautical Department member of record. The owner’s insurance company and policy number must be entered on the slip selection form.



·         OCCUPY SLIP – All slips must be occupied by June 15th by the boat identified on the slip selection form. Any slip not occupied is subject to reassignment to another member in which case a pro-rated refund will be issued.


3.     SLIP WAIT/CHANGE LIST - Due to the limited number of slips, it may not always be possible to accommodate all members who desire slips. In addition, as all slips are not equal in terms of location, exposure, water depth, length, width, etc., members may find that by the time their turn comes to choose a slip a more favored slip has been selected. If due to your priority number you were unable to select a slip at slip selection or prefer a slip that was not available to you at the time, a SLIP WAIT/CHANGE LIST will be available at Slip Selection for you to sign up requesting your desired slip(s). This list will be posted at Dock 2 and slip assignments will be made from the lists according to slip selection priority number.


4.     MOORING WIRE - Located across from the ice machine at Dock 2, a mooring wire provides fore and aft mooring for several shallow draft skiffs, rowboats, dinghies, etc. These moorings are selected at slip selection.


5.     LYNCH POINT BEACH – Two spaces are available on the beach for storage of small sailboats. These spaces are selected at slip selection. These two spaces may be selected together at slip selection provided both fees are paid. No rigging or other equipment may be stored outside of these spaces. Usage of these spaces can not impede access to the beach by other UCI members.

6.     FLOATING DOCKS - Along the Dock 1 shoreline, floating dock(s) are available for out of the water storage of several small boats, canoes, dinghies or kayaks. Additionally, space is available at the ends for small boats/skiffs less than 15’. These spaces are selected at slip selection. Each space is limited to 1 small boat or 2 kayaks.


7.     DINGHY STORAGE - Located on the beach at Docks 1&2, a dinghy/sailboard storage rack provides small boat owners the capability to

A)  Store dinghies, sailboards, Lasers, etc. off the ground.

B)  Secure (chain) their dinghies to the rack to prevent theft.

C)  Protect their boat from either floating or blowing away during high tides or storms.


DINGHY STORAGE RACK usage is on a ‘first come basis. Boats using these facilities must display a current Nautical Department sticker. These stickers are valid for 1 year beginning April 1 through March 31 of the following year and may be purchased at Slip Selection. In order to enable grounds and rack maintenance and to ensure that abandoned craft do not accumulate, the Nautical Department manager may require that small craft (dinghies, kayaks, sailboats, row boats etc.) be removed from these storage racks by their respective owners for storage at the owner’s property over the winter (December 1st – April 1st ). Notice of such a requirement will be made via the Weathervane, email and notices placed near the beach or racks.


8.     LAUNCHING RAMP & TRAILERS - Use of the launching ramp at Dock 1 is available to all UCI members. All trailers using the launching ramp are required to have a current Nautical Department sticker affixed near the front of the trailer. This will help to identify non-UCI members who may be using the ramp.  These stickers are valid for 1 year beginning April 1 through March 31 of the following year and may be purchased at Slip Selection. Current slip holders will receive a Nautical Department trailer sticker without charge. When using the launching ramp for the day, please park the trailer in a position that does not obstruct use of the ramp. Signage at the Dock 1 parking lot indicates where not to park so as not to obstruct use of the ramp. Due to the limited number of parking spaces at Dock 1 overnight storage of boat trailers at this facility is not permitted.  The parking lot at Dock 1 is intended for use by:


         DOCK 1 BOAT OWNERS - Owners of boats at Dock 1 and their guests,

         UCI MEMBERS LAUNCHING BOATS - Temporary, daily parking of cars and/or trailers belonging to UCI members using the launching ramp. No boats/trailers may be left on dock parking lots overnight without the prior approval of the Nautical Department.  It is the responsibility of the owner of the trailer to obtain such an approval from the Nautical Department Manager in advance of multi-day use of the parking lot. Accordingly, any trailer or boat and trailer left for greater than 1 day at Dock 1, 2 or Lynch Point dock will be considered as "abandoned" and may be secured in place or removed of at the discretion of the Nautical Department. Any costs for the removal of trailers from dock parking lots will be the responsibility of the owner of the trailer.  


9.     OFF-SEASON STORAGE - Between December 1st and March 31st   UCI marina parking lots may be used for winter storage of UCI member boats. Requests for off-season storage at the marinas must be submitted to the Nautical Department manager in writing (or email) by September 1st. The spaces will be allocated according to the Slip Selection Priority List. It may be necessary to limit or curtail winter storage when construction is planned for the parking lot, launching ramp or docks. Several rules govern the use of UCI marina parking lots for winter storage.

·         Trailer boats only

·         Parking in designated areas only

·         No service or maintenance performed on boats or trailers while stored on marina parking lots

·         Boat canvas, mooring covers or shrink wrap only. No poly tarps.

·         All trailers must be removed by April 1


10. NAUTICAL DEPARTMENT MEMBERSHIP FEE - There is a onetime fee of $50 for new members to be placed on the Slip Selection Priority List.


11.  FEES – Slip fees, including floating dock spaces, mooring wire spaces, small boat (kayak, dinghy, etc.) and trailer stickers and winter storage rates will be posted in the Slip Selection packages.


12.  ELECTRICAL SURCHARGE – There is a $25 electrical surcharge for boats that use electrical power. Heavy electrical users, such as boats connecting to 50 Amp or 2- 30 Amp outlets or boats that winter over at UCI docks, will be charged an additional $125 electrical surcharge. This charge is payable in full at slip selection.


13. TERM - The annual term of the slip assignments is from April 1st through March 31st of the following year.


14.  REFUNDS - Members selecting slips have the right to use the slip for one year (Article 13 - TERM). If a member’s circumstances change during the year (boats are sold, members move, etc.) resulting in vacating their slip a refund will be made per the schedule below. All refund requests must be in writing or email to the Nautical Department Manager. No requests will be accepted after September 1.


REFUND SCHEDULE: When the slip is vacated prior to the effective date the corresponding percentage of slip fees will be refunded.


Effective Date

% Refund

April 1


May 1


June 1


July 1


August 1


September 1




  THE PRO-RATED SLIP FEE for new residents or existing residents selecting a slip for a new vessel after slip selection shall be as follows.





April 1 – July 31


August 1 – September 30             


October 1 – March 31




15.  CONTRACTOR WORK – The insurance policies of UCI require that all service personnel or contractors working on a member's boat at the dock must carry liability and workmen’s compensation insurance. A copy of which must be provided to the Nautical Department Manager. It is the UCI member’s responsibility to ensure that all service personnel and contractors working on the member’s boat have the required insurance.


16. MOORINGS – UCI maintains no moorings. Anyone considering placing a mooring should ensure that the placement of the mooring and swing of the boat does not impede or obstruct access to private property, including UCI nautical facilities.


17. HOUSE RENTALS - Class II renters assume owners Class II priority. Class III home renters go to bottom of Class III list; assuming both join UCI and the Nautical Department.


18. VISITING BOATS - From time-to-time residents request temporary dockage for friends visiting the area. Generally, these requests will be accommodated provided that:


·         Appropriate dockage space is available,

·         The visit is for a short period - 72 hours maximum,

·         The UCI member assumes total responsibility for the actions of his/her guests, and

·         All requests must be approved in advance by the Nautical Department manager. It is the responsibility of the requesting UCI member to contact the Nautical Department manager and get explicit approval for temporary dockage. One-way communications such as email or voice mails do not constitute approval in advance.


19. DOCK EMERGENCIES & REPAIRS - To ensure member safety, during periods of extreme high tide (water above dock- electrical     outlets under water), or in the event of a hazardous problem with the electrical system, electrical service will be shut off until the condition abates or repairs are affected to eliminate the hazard. Additionally, in the event emergency repairs or improvements to the Docks are required (for example; dock work to correct storm damage) which require the temporary relocation of boats at the dock, every attempt will be made to notify and work with the affected boat owners to minimize any inconvenience resulting from such repairs.


20. ICE EATERS - The Ice eaters are installed to prevent damage to the dock pilings and piers. Once installed they should not be moved or repositioned.  Individual boat owners are responsible for the protection of their own boats.


21.   DOCK SAFETY – For safety reasons:


·         ROLLER BLADES, SKATES, SKATE BOARDS and BICYCLES are not permitted on the dock.  

·         Absolutely NO SWIMMING OR DIVING is allowed around any of the dock areas including the Lynch Point Dock. Moving boats present a serious danger to nearby swimmers. Additionally, there are many submerged objects in the water (broken dock pilings, old crab traps, etc.) that present a hazard to swimmers in these areas.

·          No dock boxes, lockers or other structures shall be placed on piers.

·         All power cords, water hoses and dock lines should be located so that they do not cross the piers or catwalks or otherwise present a tripping hazard.

·         No charcoal or gas grills or open fires permitted on the docks or on boats at the dock. 

·         Maintain minimum wake and speed around docks.


22. DOCK ETIQUETTE – Nautical facilities are for the enjoyment of all UCI members. Please be courteous to all residents and guests at our    docks.                                      

·         Do not discharge fuel, oil, waste or trash overboard

·         Do not board someone else’s boat unless invited

·         Do not crab or fish between someone else’s boat and pier

·         Remove all crab lines, bait, etc. before leaving dock

·         All dogs MUST be leased All owners MUST clean up after their pets

·         All guests must be accompanied by a UCI member. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests


23. BOAT USAGE - The Nautical Department slip facilities are not to be used for the long-term storage of boats. Accordingly, boats using these facilities must, during the months of May through September, leave their slips under their own power and undertake a qualifying voyage. A qualifying voyage is defined as one where a vessel leaves the UCI nautical facility and completes a voyage of at least two nautical miles under its own power (either sail or power).  A round trip to the Number 10 Red beacon in the Magothy River (half way to Ferry Point) may be used to satisfy the distance requirement. The UCI Nautical Department Manager, at his discretion and on a date and time mutually agreed upon by the owner member and the UCI Nautical Department Manager, may request that the capability to complete a qualifying voyage be demonstrated by the boat owner. Failure to demonstrate that ability to complete a qualifying voyage may cause the boat to be removed from the docks. In this event, the Nautical Department member is responsible for all costs (if any) associated with the removal of the boat.  If possible, prior notice of such actions will be given to the member.  The UCI Nautical Department Manager may require no more than one qualifying voyage each month during the period of May through September.


24. HAZARDOUS BOATS - All boats using the Nautical Department’s facilities must be maintained in a safe and operable condition and shall not pose a hazard to docks, other boats or persons. No amount of fuel, oil, lubricant, sewage or other waste shall be discharged into the water. All boats should be properly secured in their slips with properly sized nylon lines so as to not present a danger to other boats or persons.  Should a boat be deemed as hazard (fire, sinking, fuel/oil leak, rigging failure, etc.) to itself or other boats or people at the docks, the Nautical Department Manager may declare the boat a ‘hazard’ and at his discretion may cause the boat to be removed from the docks. In this event, the Nautical Department member is responsible for all costs (if any) associated with the removal of the boat. If possible, prior notice of such actions will be given to the member. Any boat which sinks in any waters near or adjacent to any of the Nautical Department facilities must be immediately removed or re-floated by the owner or the Nautical Department Manager may cause the boat to be removed at the owner’s expense.


25. DAMAGE TO UCI FACILITIES - Compensation for or repair of any damage done to any boat, structure, equipment, water or electrical system is in every case and without exception, the responsibility of the person or persons causing such damage. No modifications may be made to the marina’s piers, electrical or water systems. Damage includes any unauthorized modifications to the dock, including the installation of cleats, rings, run rails, hose brackets, or any other accessories fixed to the dock. All modifications and/or remedial repairs made to docks or nautical facilities must be approved in advance by the Nautical Department Manager.