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The Ulmstead Estates, Inc. (UCI) Tennis Department offers its Members and their guests four high quality, hard surface, private courts for recreational and competitive tennis and pickleball play. The courts are located on Lynch Drive adjacent to the barn. The courts were resurfaced in 2011 and are among the finest in Anne Arundel County. Court No. s. 1-3 is are lined for both pickleball and tennis. Court No. 4 is also lined for two Quickstart beginner courts on either side of the net. A QuickStart under-10 portable net is kept in the unlocked storage cabinet to the right of the entrance for patrons use. A Bollettieri fiberglass backboard is also installed on north side of Court #4. The Courts are lighted for nighttime play and are open from sunrise to 11:00 PM.

Membership in the Tennis Department is available to any current UCI Member in good standing and covers the entire family in residence. Please contact the Tennis Department Manager for information on paying dues and obtaining a key.


The most significant rules and regulations are summarized below. Rule 9 regarding court priority is seldom invoked, as the courts are available most days/times. Questions or disputes should be referred to the Tennis Department Manager. Parents who give their children unescorted use of their tennis court keys must review these rules with their children.

  1. Tennis courts are for exclusive use of "current" dues-paying UCI members and their families who join the Tennis Department. Ulmstead Estates residents who are not current UCI and Tennis Department Members may not use the Courts, even as guests of Tennis Department members.
  2. Tennis Department Members may invite non-residents to play with them as guests. The Tennis Department Member must be present at all times and is responsible for their behavior. Non-residents are not eligible to become Tennis Department Members under UCI by-laws.
  3. Tennis and pickleball are the ONLY activities permitted on the tennis courts. Roller blading, skateboarding, bicycling, lacrosse, baseball, shooting fireworks, water balloon fights, etc., are prohibited. Any non-approved activity should be reported to the Tennis Department Manager or a UCI Board Member immediately.
  4. Players should ALWAYS turn off the lights if last to leave regardless if timer is set. The light switches are located just to the right of the parking lot entrance gate.
  5. At least one player in each group must have a key. Players should ALWAYS lock the gates when they are finished. If other players are still on the courts, please ask them if they have a key and remind them to lock the gates when they are finished.
  6. Your Tennis key operates locks at the parking lot, Lynch Drive and ball field gates. Keys cannot be duplicated, however, extra or replacement keys may be purchased for $20.00. Any members not rejoining must return their key to the Tennis Department and will recieve a refund of their key deposits.
  7. Court No. 4 shall be the last court occupied by match players in order to maximize its availability for tennis backboard practice.
  8. There is no reservation system and the courts are first come, first served.
  9. Adult members (age 18+) have priority for court usage after 6:00 PM, i.e., younger members shall yield courts to waiting adult members.
  10. Court time is limited to one (1) hour if others are waiting. That is one hour from when the group started -- not one hour from when the waiting group shows up. As a matter of courtesy, if a group is waiting for a court, the group that has been playing the longest should surrender the court (if they’ve been playing more than an hour), or should advise the waiting group when the court will be available (i.e., when they will reach the hour mark).
  11. Use of the tennis courts for league matches or informal school team practice is permitted, consistent with the guest rules, provided that one or more Ulmstead Tennis Department members are present and participating as hosts for any non-resident players. However, the first-come-first-service and one-hour rules still apply. Moreover, as a matter of courtesy, if any court(s) is/are occupied exclusively by non-residents, the Tennis Department member hosts should offer to make those courts available immediately to any Ulmstead Tennis Department members who are waiting.
  12. The backboard is for tennis practice only. Backboard users shall yield Court #4 if match-play users are waiting. Backboard is limited to 15 minutes if others are waiting to practice on it.
  13. All persons whether they are playing, spectators, or waiting for a court shall observe proper tennis etiquette at all times. A non-exhaustive list of proper tennis etiquette rules follows.
  14. Please remember to empty the trash receptacles in the dumpster at the conclusion of play and return them to the courts. There is usually a yellow recyclable container near the Barn in which you can put recyclable materials (e.g., empty ball cans and beverage containers).

Be Respectful

Exercise Good Sportsmanship


Respecting Other Courts

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